Zhejiang Rongxin Fibre Co.,Ltd. established in 1997 owns branch companys of special yarn company, dyeing and finishing company, non-textile fabric company, it boasts 800 employee, over 70 technician, 120000 SQMT land, 180 millions RMB investment, 130 millions RMB fixed fund.
    The special yarn company imported Italian equipments and technology in producing textile bonding material, it has biggest scale in manufacture and produces most the types of bonding material, the most products are: fibre bonding material and dyeing finishing, spandex core acrylic, cotton, poly, linen, rayon, silk, viscos etc. in annual capability of 10000 ton used in T-shirt, underwear, sweater, socks weaving etc., our products enjoys popular sales in sountheast asia, Europe, USA etc.
    Dyeing finishing company includes fibre dyeing and finishing, print, canister dyeing, twist dyeing. Fibre dyeing has high temperature spray dyeing machine, twisted fibre dyeing machines, imported iron machine, as well as the related equipment in the manufacture of the dyeing and finishing of non-textile fabric print, acrylic, poly, viscose.
    Nonwoven branch company imported advanced four production lines, the products are : pharmacutical sanitation material, PU and PVC, clean fabric, print fabric e tc. about hundreds of types.
    Our company increasingly focuse on innovation, and offer customers best quality.
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